The importance of signs is difficult to determine but none the less they identify candidates, show grass roots support, their absence shows apathy or lack of support for a candidate, signs also create an interest for more information about our candidates. Last fall we had  good sign coverage in parts of Fayette County, it was a good starting point. In 2016 we intend to do much better thru soliciting good sign locations well in advance and having sufficient helpers placing and monitoring them throughout the county. Displaying signs will get it’s start during this summers parades then continue thru the primary or caucus season. More information will be placed here so everyone can help us take pride in the efforts of Fayette County Republicans.

Senator Chuck Grassley has announced that he will seek reelection in 2016, Chucks signs will be set  out in force as usual.

Our US Congressman Rod Blum is seeking reelection, we certainly will work tirelessly to help this good man again win his campaign.

Our own Iowa State House Dist. 55 Rep. Darrel Branhagen announced that he will be seeking reelection. Darrel is another very solid hard working legislature that we certainly need to send back to Des Moines.

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