One of the fun things in American life is parades. They are a feel good event where everyone is welcome to watch groups of every imaginable kind show their talents or just identify there presence. Political groups have long been a part of parades. Fayette County Republicans too have a long and proud history of parade participations.
Ia HR 55 Congerssman Darrel Branhagen has reserved for our use his Republican elephant mascot. Miss Liberty will be standing on her usual trailer mounted platform, joining with us for these scheduled events and more through the year.

                                           Miss Liberty
Please join in and help us honor these community activities, it is rewarding and enjoyable. We could use someone not marching but in the crowd to help take photos to post here.

Our first parade was in Oelwein for the Oelwein Celebration on june 7. This 10 block long parade was well attended and we had a real fun time participating in it.

As we know it the schedule of remaining parades is:
  June 20 Hawheye setup is 10:30  and start is 11am.
  June 27 Maynard setup is 10:30 and start is 11am.
  July 11 Arlington setup is 11:30 and start is 12 noon.
  Aug 22  West Union  WUSTOCK  more details coming.
  September 12  Fayette  Watermelon Days  more details coming.
Rumor has it there may be parades in Clermont and Wadena but no firm information there.
If you know of other parade events in our county please email information to westie42(at)

                                 Past parade pictures.

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